Acai Body Scrub


Exclusive and effective body scrub with antioxidants and natural granules that exfoliate gently and non-abrasively Ì_Ì_̱ without damaging the skin or disturbing its natural balance.

The inspiration for Acai Body Scrub comes from Brazil, where the sand is so fine that a walk along the beach leaves your feet soft and perfectly exfoliated. With Acai Body Scrub, weÌ_Ì_åÈve put that feeling Ì_Ì_̱ and the effect Ì_Ì_̱ into a convenient tube.

The beautiful amber-colored scrub transforms into a soft white creamy foam when you massage it into damp skin Ì_Ì_̱ and on contact with water, it becomes a nourishing lotion.

Feel how the finely ground apricot and acai granules gently remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation to stimulate cellular renewal and leave the skin gorgeously glowing.

Pamper yourself and enjoy Rudolph CareÌ_Ì_åÈs delicate, clean signature fragrance and the skin-soothing indulgence of organic oils of rapeseed, apricot and olive, which add moisture and suppleness.Use Acai Body Scrub in the shower, sweeping water away from the body before massaging the scrub onto the skin with circular motions. The drier the skin, the more effective the exfoliation process. Rinse off under running water and complete your routine with your preferred Rudolph Care body care product to give your skin optimal moisture and nourishment.

Use 1-2 times per week.