A Hint Of Summer - Organic Self tanner


A Hint of Summer is a triple award winning organic self-tanner that gives you a golden glow and makes it easy to build up and maintain a natural-looking tan on both face and body Ì_Ì_̱ with absolutely no need to subject the skin to the harmful rays of the sun. Rather than develop a traditional self-tanning product, we have compressed the colouring agents so you can blend them directly into your favourite skincare products.

The natural DHA molecule ensures a radiant, even skin tone. Aloe vera calms, rebuilds and restores the skinÌ_Ì_åÈs moisture balance, while the acai berryÌ_Ì_åÈs rich concentration of antioxidants from essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals prevent signs of aging and act to strengthen the skin. A Hint of Summer self-tanning drops are colourless with a light, liquid consistency and a mild, delicate fragrance.

A Hint of Summer gives you an advance on that summer glow so you can stride into the season with bronzed legs and fresh colour in your cheeks. And naturally, A Hint of Summer features the Nordic Ecolabel and Cosmos certifications.Take the amount of cream or oil you normally use and mix it with A Hint of Summer between the palms of your hands. We recommend using 1-2 drops for the face and 4-6 drops for the body. Apply the blend evenly to your face or body, and wait a few minutes before getting dressed. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

The colour builds gradually, so repeat the treatment over the following days to achieve a more intense colour. VoilÌ_Ì_!

Always allow the product to fully adsorb before getting dressed to avoid clothing stains. A Hint of Summer does not contain sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn.