Basic Wine Stopper Bronze


Elegant Bottle Closure

The Basic wine stopper by was designed by Simon Legald and is a noble wine stopper made of titanium-coated stainless steel and silicone. The wine stopper from the Basic series closes reliably, thanks to silicone Stoppers bottles. Wine and other beverages can be stored without degenerating for a longer time.

The goal of the designer Simon Legald was to omit all unnecessary details and ornaments, to focus on the original appearance and basic functionality.

Basic is lightweight and comfortable in the hand and the satin finish silicone ensures that the wine flows smoothly. The organic forms and the shine give warmth and nostalgia, and thus the design a gentle expression. The stainless steel surface has been coated with titanium, and makes it extremely durable.

MATERIAL: Titanium - coated stainless steel and silicone

DIMENSIONS: Height 80cm / Length 3,2 cm