Fiber Armchair Swivel Full Uph Silk


Fiber chair is an all-round easily understandable chair,made of a new innovative shell material of recyclable plastic and wood fibers. With an eye for detail, everyone and every curve has been relentlessly altered to balance maximum comfort with minimum space. Choose from a wide range of colors and upholsteries for any setting, whether it be at home, in workspaces, restaurants or hospitality areas, aided by the functionality of a swivel base.

DESIGNER: Iskos-Berlin

MATERIAL: Shell consists of an innovative composition with plastic and up to 25% wood fibres. The wood fiber and plastic blend is injected into the mold, forming the chairs shell. The shells inside is then upholstered with foam and fabric. The fabric is glued to the shells surfaces and stapled using a pipe on the edges. Swivel piece is die casted aluminum. Swivel foot is casted in one piece.

DIMENSION: Total Height: 77 cm / Length: 54.5 cm / Seat Height: 46 cm /