Flachmann Pendant Large

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The Flachmann pendant is simple and timeless. The new larger variant creates a graphic, dramatic expression when hung together as part of an installation. The Flachmann Mega pendant is beautiful hanging alone over your dining table or combined with your favourite armchair in the quietest corner of the living room.

Shade: 45 cm

Conor: Matt Black

Designed by kaschkasch, Germany

Our goal is to create simple and intuitive products, something that isn't over-complicated, yet is still beautiful. We always strive to design no-frill products that still possess a poetic element. We find our inspiration in almost anything. Building sites, fish markets, people, their way of behaving and so on. It isn't just about the surroundings, it's also about the interaction. For us, good design is when it feels like it's never been any different. Something that makes sense when you look at it, or something that gives you an intense feeling of pleasure.


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