Framed Mirror - Small - Grey/Clear


Muutos Framed mirror features a contemporary, sculptural design that appears to be floating off the wall. Anderssen; Voll wanted to create a mirror that is more than just a reflective surface the utilitarian object can also be viewed as a piece of art. Framed is a versatile mirror that is well suited for hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms and looks stunning both alone and together with other Framed mirrors and artwork. Pick your favourite from two sizes and three beautiful colours.

DESIGNER: Anderssen; Voll
MATERIAL: A steel plate is worked through three rounds to shape the mirrors frame. The surface is then powder lacquered using a highly durable acrylic lacquer. Lastly, mirror glass is gently installed, to create the little gap between the mirrors frame and mirror glass.
DIMENSIONS: Length 59cm / Width 44cm / Depth 4cm
Please contact us for availability and shipping requirements - (Air / Sea)  +64 3 428 2555