Leaves Wall lamp


Leaves series 
The Leaves wall lamp creates a natural, warm light in your interior. The lampshades' geometric shapes resemble fine petals and are inspired by small moving sculptures, called mobiles, by American artist Alexander Calder. The design gives Leaves an elegant, yet playful expression. The wall lamp is perfect for hanging above your sofa, or maybe for complementing a stylish office?

PowerLed 4W, 2700k with a life of approx. 25,000 hours. Supplied with light source. Light source can not be changed. Non-dimmable. Rotating lampshade.


Height: 24.3cm

Width: 92cm

Cord length: 3m 

Designed by Kateryna Sokolova, Ukraine

My home country of Ukraine is an inspiration to my industrial designs; its ever-changing transformations inspire me. I always try to catch cultural differences and uniqueness of the countries that I visit. To me a great design is a mixture of three important ingredients: simplicity, functionality, and passion.

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