Rudolph Mist Delight Travel 30 ml


Mist Delight Refreshing and Hydrating Facial Toner is an extraordinarily gentle facial mist that refreshes your skin with lots of moisture. It creates an immediate sensation of energy and freshness for the skin when it feels tired and dry, and Mist Delight is also ideal for sensitive skin in young and old alike.

Mist Delight features ginger, which effectively reduces free radicals to protect the skin from pollution, as well as honey, which naturally attracts and retains moisture. Calendula extract has a purifying effect and works to soothe minor skin issues such as redness and irritation. Mist Delight is also rich in essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins to care for the skin and give it freshness, moisture and nourishment.

Mist Delight comes in a 30 ml version perfect for travelling or for a refreshing spritz of energy during the day.Close your eyes, hold the spray approx. 30 cm away from your face and spray 2-3 fine layers over your face, neck and decolte.

Use Mist Delight morning and evening as a gentle moisturizer on clean skin before your face cream, oil or serum. Give yourself a boost during the day if you need some instant moisture and energy.