Strap Combination Hall 02

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Strap series

The wall side panels are part of the STRAP system by BOLIA. This innovative system presents many shelves which permit to customise your empty spaces on the wall. Each component of the system is so well thought out that there is an almost infinite variety of combinations. The elements are available in a range of different colours and materials. With its practical and functional system, you can store and display all kinds of objects.

New classic

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Designed by Tine Ottesen Stride, Denmark

In my opinion, great designs share some basic characteristics: they are simple, easy to understand and functional, but they are also innovative. Designs that incorporate all of these elements - and are at the same time aesthetic and well-proportioned - are to me a source of great inspiration and enthusiasm. My aim as a designer is to reach that feeling of achieving "something extra" when combining functionality and aesthetics. I am inspired by traditional craftsman skills and techniques, but also by rethinking and reusing aspects of such techniques in new ways. As a consequence my designs are minimalistic, simple and revolves around a theme; a joining detail, a way of combining materials or turning traditional material use upside down