Tembo Lounge Chair A


Functionally sitting between a lounger and an armchair, Tembo's extended arms invite you into its warm embrace. Its unique form allows the Tembo Lounge Chair to be social, while at the same time creating a space for relaxation. The big, soft elephants ear exterior provides a striking form, while the choice of colours and textures can create a playful addition, or a bold statement piece.

Design Noergaard & Kechayas
Dimensions: 1015 x W: 963 x D: 810 mm

About the designer Noergaard & Kechayas

The design duo Noergaard and Kechayas present honesty within their approach to accessible design, with the only obstacle being their creativity. With a strong connection to material and craft, combined with Noergaard's re active mind and Kechayas action charged approach, the duo is focused on problem solving solutions with a strong visual language.

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