Forma Edizioni

The World Winery Collection

After analysing the appearance of architecturally evocative winery design in Italy, Luca Molinari has carried out a survey on the need of wineries all over the world to communicate with a public which is increasingly more demanding and able to travel in order to experience wine regions at first hand.

The recovery of the international wine market in those years led to a burgeoning of new wineries and constructions where the issue of branding, combined with the prestigious signature of a great architect or artist, became more important than the product itself and the entire production system which generated it. Today, a new generation of wine growers and producers has returned to the land with a spirit and awareness that differs from that of the past. They commission buildings of great quality with a strong focus on widespread sustainability.

This book includes a selection of 34 wineries and describes the wine-making constructions, that narrate the wine culture in an excellent way, thanks to their architecture, beauty and functional design.