Scandinavian design, an aesthetic marked by minimalism and functionality has been influential since its inception in the early 20th century. However, the enduring design ideas from the Nordic region are still coming into the mainstream aesthetics to this date. Amongst the more recent trends is the resurgence of black and modular kitchens.

As I have recently started to make renovations plans for my own house, and the all black/modular kitchen is also on my wish-list, I will be sharing my recent discoveries with you here. 

This neutral colour or rather non-colour (getting technical here!) is here to stay (permanency of design  tick!) and in contrast to white kitchens it owes to create more dramatic and edgy styling over more stale/pure appearance of all white kitchens.

Moreover, the idea of kitchen as customisable modules is making its way to the fore. A variety of module/designs that you can pick and choose to fit your purpose/function, individualising the overall kitchen layout to your liking without having to consult kitchen designer. Consequently, some kitchens may even look like furniture rather then kitchen per se, a win-win for the ever popular open plan living situation in which we often strive to disguise the look of kitchen in favour of more livable design that will compliment, rather then divide space into particular function zones.

Taking into a consideration all of the above, as well as favouring minimal and nordic  designs, here are some awesome  illustrations that all black kitchens are indeed edgy, sophisticated and modern yet permanent in their core!

Would you go all black?

The black kitchen with classical yet industrial feel by above FRAMA CPH 


Modular nordic kitchen by VIPP 


Kitchen studio by FRAMA CPH

Steel modular kitchen by KXN

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