Welcome to SLOW an online store and experiential showroom in the heart of Queenstown.
It was the desire of living a more conscious and authentic life that led the founders Martina & Sunny to a new journey of developing a brand that encompasses the values of permanency, quality, attentive craft-design, sustainable practices and social-awareness. 
The start of any change in our lives begins with parting ourselves with the old so new, fresh and long lasting experiences can enter our livesOn a material level this translates to decluttering  from fleeting trends and objects without function and mass production attributes. 
Bearing in mind the above, we have handpicked products that hold the qualities of SLOW core ethos, bringing you an array of authentic brands that can make a difference in your life (and the life of others!).
As well as fashion, beauty and design SLOW features a coffee studio, an exclusive collaboration with FRAMA Copenhagen and a photo gallery for local artists.