This season, corners are rounder and wood darker. Slender structures will give way to clear, solid materials, and the fascinatingly textured surfaces of bouclé fabric will be favored in upholstery. We have gathered together the trendiest furniture shapes and materials of the season.

Tables with a solid leg

Slender, petite tables are out – now it is the turn of tables with a robust base! This design works for both coffee and dining tables: the key is a simple shape and generous size. The Florence table by New Works combines a solid leg with an exquisitely light tabletop.

Florence Dining Table


Bouclé makes a comeback

Bouclé, with its lively textures familiar from past decades, is back. In addition to sofas and armchairs, this luxurious and thick upholstery fabric has conquered the world of smaller furniture such as footstools and headboards. The Rico Sofa by Ferm Living brings together key trends of the moment: thick fabric of varied texture; a solid structure; and a soft, rounded shape.

Rico 3-Seater Sofa


Sculpture-like furniture

Impressive, 'sculpted' shapes are also very much 'in' this fall. Eyes are drawn to the top of Ferm Living's Insert Side Table that expresses the meeting of the heavy cylinder base and the light oval top, seemingly floating on the small, geometric joint. This beautifully shaped table comes in both a dark-stained version and a natural tone.

Insert Side Table


Unglazed ceramics

Impressive ceramic objects are now centerpieces on tables. An unglazed surface provides a soft finish on a ceramic piece, highlighting its shape. The Era Muse Vase by Ferm Living is made of glazed ceramic with a rough expression to complement the refined grooves of the shape. With it's timeless, yet contemporary expression, it will fuse the future with a kind memory of the past.

Era Muse Vase


Dark wood

There have been hints of a comeback by dark wood for some time, but only now it is finally appearing everywhere. The trendiest interiors have dark hues throughout, but dark wood is also great as a distinctive contrast with lighter-toned, Scandinavian decor. The wooden parts of the Bird Dining Chair by Bolia are made of dark-stained oak, and the seat is available with or without upholstery. 

Bird Dining Chair


Using natural stone

Natural stone enriches furniture and objects, adding a touch of luxury combined with a natural feel. Stone is now playing a starring role and serving as a fascinating detail. The marble base of the slender, Five Floor Lamp by New Works adds a beautiful detail to the piece.

Five Floor Lamp


Rounded and soft shapes

Corners have been rounded and curved shapes are everywhere both in upholstered and non-upholstered furniture. The Tembo Lounge Chair by New Works features big, soft elephants ear exterior that provides a striking form, while the choice of colours and textures can create a playful addition.

Tembo Lounge Chair

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