Enduring Trend of 2019 #2 Living form of Interior - Plants and Plant decor

There is certainly something special about fauna styling done right - bringing the outside world to your intimate space is something I have done all my life.

Creating a good balance between man made and natural realms can be as easy as decorating your space with plants that will not only remind you of the nature outside but also give you the benefits of cleaner air and lively aesthetics... oh and of course the design aspect of having green space in your home is why I am writing this article in the first place!

Be it a glass pot arrangements where you can see the living structure of the plant in its entire glory or the clustering of variety of house plants in planter boxes the list goes on. Moreover, the trend of oversized pots and plants is making its' way to the indoors; be it bathroom, office or your living space it can provide for dramatic almost sculptural look.

Rule of a thumb; a well positioned and correctly selected plant/pot will do a 'green' justice to any space - talking climbing plants, kitchen bench tops, bathrooms, hallways or plant clustering -  get inspired and turn your personal space into a sophisticated yet fun fauna scape!

A glass vase turn pot- how organic yet edgy is this idea? Duplicate this look by using the larger silent vase by MUUTO

The Fiddle Leaf plant is hardy yet striking broad leaf plant, positioned against a plain wall - a sculpture like green aesthetic. Our large pot selection by Ferm Living 

The Ferm Living multifunctional planter boxes that can be turned into a small console table or storage!

The Ferm Living hanging pots by Ferm Living

Ferm Living concrete planter tick the contemporary and modern plant aesthetics.

Happy planting! 

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