Enduring Interior trends of 2019 #1 The Neutral and Warm Minimal

Prior to my style inspiration feed for 2019 let me allude that what is coming to the forefront, above and all the trends of current year, is the focus on sustainable design practices and the slowing down of overconsumption.

On the brands' end this translates to choosing to work with sustainable or renewable and natural materials, following transparent production practices (I love the idea of hand craft design aspects and the use of natural materials as playing an important role), and by extension at the consumers' end this translates to making our purchases well thought through and being aware of how content would we be with our choices in years from to come.

Investing in permanent design staples for your interior (i.e. your dining set up, sofas and lounge chairs, kitchens, bathroom ware) is what will form the enduring and sustainable backdrop to our lives!

And so, that said and as it goes with my own personal stand that leans towards minimal, simple and functional interior styling we all can create quality and on trend styles in our homes understanding the attributes of enduring design that I am to illustrate here. These style forecasts are not mutually exclusive and can be easily merged and styled along side of each other, so let your imagination run wild!

This trend forecast will run as a series of blogs exploring the options of enduring design trends in 2019 featuring:

#1 The Neutral and Warm Minimal / #2 Living form of Interior - Plants and Plant decor / #3 The Sophisticated Green / #4 Century of Danish Design / #5 The White and Grey Edit


The new linear wood table by MUUTO 

Featuring FRAMA Adam stool

Featuring the MUUTO Leaf lamp 

Industrial pendant inspiration by BOLIA lighting

Featuring the Fluid Pendant by MUUTO

Featuring FRAMA hand soap and lotion, for basin inspiration view our NOT ONLY WHITE range 


Happy styling!


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