FERM LIVING new 2019 collection 'HOME'

Ferm Living's new collection of refined and accessible aesthetics has been launched! So, how did Ferm Living design their interior landscape for 2019? Let me just say that there is so much inspiration amongst it all that I was struggling to narrow down my notes about how this collection could convert to our personal spaces, coming to the conclusion that Ferm's variety of design actually allows you to covey your entire home without feeling branded by one company - this is a rare statement from somebody who rarely buys two or more designs from the same brand!

Ferm’s spring-summer 2019 range is packed with beautiful design and styling concepts, but that’s not the only reason it appeals, its also the way it’s  presented. Unlike its previous few collections, which were shot in its Copenhagen showroom, the latest catalogue was photographed in a series of real-life rooms, each styled with input from a person who has a particular connection to the space illustrated.

The resulting images not only provide lots of styling inspiration, they also explore the concept of ‘home’ and what it means to different people, as Founder and Creative Director Trine Andersen explains:

“A home is about so much more than things. Home is where the people we love come together, where we share ups and downs, and where life just happens regardless of our plans. So, this edition is not just a listing of the individual rooms, it’s an exploration of the little scenes that take place every day. It’s a panoramic view of the spaces where we live our lives, shaped by our favourite things, memories and people.

”The overall look of the collection is warm and earthy, with lots of rich browns, russets and terracottas, an offset by sophisticated black and grey accents in sleek marble and steel, as well as wonderfully cosy textiles that are often displayed in interesting ways (think rugs and bedspreads used as wall hangings).

As I have mentioned already, you can easily take any of their beautiful designs and make them work in your space the way you intend, not being restricted by its original or prescribed function - just make them work for you! They are very humble in their appearance but carry a plethora of design and craft aspects that are further underscored by the use and array of tactile and natural materials. Whether you like to design a brand new space or refresh your existing one Ferm Living is certainly your go to! 



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All imagery courtesy of Ferm Living, with thanks.


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