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Rivet Typecase

Sale price$1,500.00

Rivet Typecase is a compartmentalized aluminum shelf with discrete sections meant for storing and displaying your most cherished objects. Based on a riveting technique suitable for making perpendicular joints between separate, laser-cut raw aluminum sheets, the chair is put together by hand using a hammer in a cold-forming assembly process developed by designer Jonas Trampedach in 2011.Specifications:

Dimensions: H 44.6 / W 44.6 / D 16.1 cm

Material: Untreated Aluminium

Easy to mount with the separate backplate

Due to the unfinished and raw nature of aluminum, scratches and natural irregularities on the surface might be originally present

The material will patinate over time, and marks and tinted materiality will occur

The Rivet Typecase can hold 10 kg (depending on wall material and mounting)