Shore Sofa 2 Seater


Like the undulating lines of coastal nature?simultaneously static yet softy organic?the Shore family embodies fleeting moments in its sweeping design. Crafted by designer Joel Fj?llstr?m, this upholstered series features a chair and 3-seater sofa and an armchair, marking a significant chapter as his debut venture from his own creative atelier. The Shore Sofa 2 Seater beckons one's eye to wander with the subtle curvature of its backrest echoing the movement of a wave, culminating in a seamless convergence that creates a harmonious whole. Carefully attended to angles, depths, and curves, the chair moulds around the body, establishing a sanctuary of individuality. With continuous upholstery flowing to the floor, its organic design seamlessly melds with the room. The Shore Sofa 2 Seater comes in a diverse range of textiles; refer to the product fact sheet for details.


Dimensions: H: 70 x W: 82 x D: 80 cm

Seat Height: 38 cm 

Material: Plywood core construction w. seat and back in high quality foam with selected upholstery.

Care: Regular vacuuming with a soft nozzle. If there is a need for thorough cleaning, professional dry cleaning is recommended.

Product Fact Sheet - Shore Sofa 2 Seater

*Pricing starts from $5900 depending on chossen fabric.

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